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Preconal 66 grå
Entre JM Stockholm A4

FrontShield™ 56 is a non-insulated systems (without broken thermal bridge) which can be used for outward or inward opening doors with side and top light and fast window sections.

The door can be manufactured with anti-finger trap. The system offers great scope for free choice of fillings and colors. The round, soft door leaf profile with mitred corners and corner joints meet the requirements placed on a modern and stable door systems.

FrontShield™ 66 is an isolated system (with broken thermal bridge) which can be used for outward or inward opening doors with side and top light and fixed windows.

The door gives an inviting impression regardless of its use. Frame, door leaf and side lighting profiles are strong and self-supporting. The door leaves are stable and rigid.





Front Shield™ 56 manufactured by Preconal profile system without thermal break. FrontShield ™ 66 manufactured by Preconals profile system with thermal break. Frame and the door leaf is self-supporting of extra strong construction and have round corners with sharp corner joints to achieve maximum strength.





As standard the door comes complete with frame, threshold, hinges and lock case. The delivery includes screws and plugs for installation in concrete, wood or full-brick wall. Mounting kit for steel or concrete can be ordered as accessories.





Door leaf profiles have a smoothly rounded outer edge, like an elegant, modern look.




Surface treatment

The door is fitted with double seals made ​​of rubber in quality EPDM. The sealing strips are mounted in the door frame each door leaf and effectively seals.





The door is designed for modular locks. Other types of locks, escape door lock, motor lock or release lock, electric strikes, etc. can be fitted to order. For double doors are alternative espagnolettes. The standard version comes with the door with one of FSAB approved lock box.
Dimensions Front Shield™ 56: A measure 63.5 mm, B-measure 40 mm (37 mm at the inward-opening door)
Front Shield™ 66: A measure of 73 mm, B dimension is 51 mm. Double doors are supplied as standard with the double action edge rule.





Hinges made ​​of aluminium with stainless steel pole. Adjustable in both height and width. The hinges are virtually maintenance free and do not require lubrication. If the door is painted, are also supplied hinges varnished.





The door leaf is delivered with 2 glazing (tempered). The glass structure can also be given special protection features, example: Improved U-value – low-emission glass. Protection against solar radiation – solar control glass. Protection against noise – with the object adapted solution. Security – tempered, laminated or alarmed glass. Protection against transparency – t. ex. ornamented glass.

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